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Thu, Jun 11


6:30-7:30pm, 10 weeks

Smash Book Summer Series Aleph

Fill the pages of your Art Journal. Relax and make art. Follow writing and meditation prompts based on the theme of healing from a Torah perspective. 10 weeks, $220

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Smash Book Summer Series Aleph
Smash Book Summer Series Aleph

Date & Time

Jun 11, 2020, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

6:30-7:30pm, 10 weeks

About the Class




A "Smash Book" is many things. Firstly, it's a Visual Art Journal, where you can find anything like collage, painting, creative writing, photos or anything that inspires you. 

  You "smash" all the materials together onto the pages like with a scrap book. You also smash all your feelings and thoughts ;))

  Some people like to "smash" each page by crinkling it up. (I love this step!) The crinkles give texture and add a great sound to the pages!

It can also be a deeply spiritual process. I've heard it called "Life Book," "Prayer Book," "Gratitude Book" and "History Book" too. It’s a creative empowerment practice, where we embrace spirit and intention and connect with the divine Source of all creativity. 

  My daughter and I like to call them “memory books”. Studying anything by drawing it helps to activate deep memory and the subconscious. So cool! This kind of Art Journaling helps us to better learn and remember.

  Lastly, I’m not an Art Therapist, but this process is also inspired by techniques in Art Therapy, specifically "writing to heal." The science is clear that people who write freely about personal challenges or traumas show a boosted immune system after this kind of writing. No one will read the writing because we color over most of it, but it still adds this layer of palpable healing energy!



Even though each cover and every page is unique, they all start with similar steps. First we write what is on our mind for 5-15 minutes. No judgement, just stream of consciousness. Don't worry about spelling or punctuation etc. No one will read it ;))) After sealing our thoughts, we begin to play with colors and anything else that inspires us. For example stencils, collage, textiles, photography, poetry etc. We also add essential oil to activate all the senses. We add ribbons to the spine of the book too (this reminds us to keep it light ;))) I add bells to mine because I need a loud reminder lol.



Both! I've kept an Art Journal since I was a little kid, but I discovered "smash books" just recently as an adult. The energy of these books is undeniable and so magical that they attract adults and kids the same! I designed this course for adults but some kids really like it too :))



Yes! All skill levels welcome! This workshop is based on all my favorite Art Journaling techniques that I’ve been learning and collecting over the years. I've seen a 3 year old make a smash book with her mom and I've seen adults drawing for the first time in forever. It’s for beginners and for advanced.



Art Journal

Printer paper or scrap paper

wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, tissue paper ( i LOVE tissue paper)

Paint and brushes (watercolor, acrylic, gouache… any or all)

Writing utensils (pens, pencils, or sharpies)

GLUE... Elmer’s white glue or Mod Podge (paper glue and hot glue good too but optional)

Any treasures you have around the house… ribbons, buttons, postcards, photos, tickets, glitter, musings, notes…

Essential Oil


As little or as much as you like! 

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