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good news friends: i'm a certified cosmic smash book guide!!! what started out as a healing journey for me, has ended up in a new art practice altogether. this quickly became a favorite activity of mine & i look forward to sharing it with you!


what are cosmic smash books and why do i love them so much??

basically a cosmic smash book is a special kind of art journal. this process was created by artist Catt Geller, who is grounded in the school of intentional creativity, which teaches about how important is the intention behind our art. this resonates powerfully with ancient Jewish mysticism which is a main inspiration in my life. indeed, with intentions we can elevate ourselves to the next level. so these cosmic smash books vibrate with this unique, creative energy that is off the charts!! 


also, with cosmic smash books, i'm making art that i've always wanted to make and it's all kinds of therapeutic :))) prior to this i hadn’t kept a journal for eons. i think someone read my diary once and then i felt irreparably betrayed and never wrote like that again. oof. let me tell you, it feels darn wonderful to write so openly again.


in the cosmic smash book process we always start with writing. and this is awesome because i recently read about the healing properties of writing. the studies documented how even wounds healed faster for people who wrote in a certain way (huhhhh??!!) and this definitely resonated with me especially after my ginormous surgery ;))


no experience is necessary with writing. we write with prompts and whatever comes to mind, a letter to your muse, a poem, a prayer, a mantra. beginners welcome! regarding connecting to our intuitions, one of my mentors, Stewart Cubley says “in this process, we are all beginners!”


next we start layering colors on top of the writing, with gesso, paint or collage for example. we activate all of our senses. we go deep and we connect.


cosmic smashbooks are the perfect vehicle to safely and meaningfully process, document and explore all kinds of feelings and experiences using writing and visual art.


i know that life is so busy and crazy sometimes and it’s not always easy to make time for our muses. but i learned how important it is to make time for this kind of creative self-care & flow. speaking of flow, checkout this artist’s TED talk on what is flow and the research behind the benefits here.


so these are some of the many reasons that i love cosmic smash booking. overall, it’s a beautiful and creative way to connect to your heart & soul. relaxing, fun & therapeutic: good stuff.


let's make cosmic smash books together!

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