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Dear Alphabet
by Marina
Stop-motion & mixed-media animation


Inspired by everything silly and absurd, this experimental animation is about a girl whose mother gets eaten by a monster. MFA thesis, film. Made at CalArts, 2006.

What Inspires You?
by Marina Tselner
Stop-motion & mixed-media animation

This animated self-portrait was inspired by an assignment that I like to give my second year animation students at the Academy of Art. They are given one week to create it, quickly, roughly, and sincerely. One year I decided to do the assignment myself! The result is this movie :)) Live Action footage shot by friend & colleague, Xin Ding.

Made with joy, 2014.

If I Was
by Eric Leiser
Stop-motion & mixed-media animation.

This music video was directed and created by experimental animation friend & colleague Eric Leiser. I had the honor and pleasure of working on one of the landscape animation scenes shot at my favorite China Beach in San Francisco, 2013. 

Educational Video Game
Animation by Marina Tselner
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects & HTML 5

This clip is from a children's educational video game & mobile app that I designed and animated from scratch. The animation is super short on purpose. Did you know that research shows that video game learning is most effective when the animation is under 4 seconds long?! Commissioned by Department of Education. Originally made using Expression Design & Blend (Microsoft's version of Flash), 2014. #oldschool


Stop-Motion Feature Film Produced by Laika Studios

I was lucky enough to work on this beautiful hand-crafted film made outside of Portland, OR with a group of incredibly talented artists!! It was such a dream to paint puppet details all day long while wearing jeweler's glasses and also running daily animation tests!! #purebliss. I was also honored to do the voiceover for this movie!! I got to do the voice of Coraline's old friend in the photograph by her bedside... the one wearing glasses, who suddenly starts talking! ;)) #thankful #luckygirl :)) 2007

Night Fisherman

Animatronics Feature Film by Joey Cahill

I worked as an intern on this film in the outskirts of Prague, Czech Republic. Mostly, I built molds, props & sets for this curious, surreal, and futuristic film inspired by Jan Svankmeyer 2005.


Microsoft TV advert by Z Animation Studios

After graduating from CalArts, I worked as a Production Assistant on this Los Angeles made commercial, which combined live-action & 2D Animation. Coffee anyone?? 2006.

by Marina Budovsky

Stop-motion mixed-media animation


This is my very first stop-motion animation film!! :) Shot on 16mm with original music by Rob Reich. Made at CalArts & screened at the CalArts Showcase 2004. 

Say 'I Love You'

Live Action Student film, 16mm

I heart 16mm~~>.````` 2002

Video Self-Portrait

3/4" U-matic video

Inspired by teacher & documentary filmmaker Hartmut Bitomsky. Made at CalArts 2001.

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